Probus Dún Laoghaire Marine
About us


The Probus Movement is an association of independent clubs throughout Ireland, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand and 17 other jurisdictions providing a regular forum for retired and semi-retired professional and business people.

Worldwide, there are approximately 5,000 clubs with a membership of 400,000 people.

There are 134 Probus clubs in Ireland (95 male; 34 female and 5 dual-gender) encompassing 4,700 members.

The genesis of Probus in Ireland dates from the mid 1980's when it was inaugurated by Rotary in Ireland, which is attached to Rotary International. Rotary was established in Ireland over a century ago and there are 73 active Rotary clubs under its auspices.


The Probus Club of Dún Laoghaire Marine was established in 1994 and meets each Monday at 11.00 (except on public holidays) in Royal St George Yacht Club, Carlisle Pier Dún Laoghaire Harbour for an hour. The main item of business is usually a talk about a topic of interest given by a member or a guest - followed by a dialogue about the topic. But the Club also arranges 'away events' from time to time.

The Probus Club of Dún Laoghaire Marine has a fraternal relationship with The Probus Club of Antrim. A visit is arranged North and South every other year to facilitate this relationship and to tour venues of mutual interest.


The membership of the committee elected on 14 January 2019 is:

Frank Sheridan: President
John Bolton: Vice President
John Ryan: Hon. Secretary
Paddy MacManus: Hon. Treasurer
Raymond Burke: Committee Member
John O'Neill: Committee Member
Myles Duffy: President 2018

(l to r): Myles Duffy Immediate Past President, Frank Sheridan President, John Bolton Vice President
Paddy MacManus Hon Treasurer, John Ryan Hon. Secretary
John O'Neill and Raymond Burke Committee Members.