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Hon Secretary's Notes - 21 Jan 2019
Published on 21/01/2019

1. The President welcomed a new member Vincent Browne stating that Vincent had a distinguished career in print and broadcast media and had outlined his career to members in a very interesting talk in March 2018.

2. The President stated that Vincent’s membership brings the club to the permitted maximum of members as decided when the Club amended the constitution a few months ago and any aspirants for membership will have to go on a waiting list.

3. The President introduced the new Committee Members.

4. The President reminded those members who have signed up for I.T. training that it starts on Tuesday 22 January in St. Laurence College off Wyvatville road. The course leader is Sean Quin and those attending should bring their own laptops, tablets and phones.

5. The President reminded members that their annual subscription was due and as agreed at the AGM remains unchanged at €30 euro. The subscription should be paid directly to our Treasurer Paddy MacManus.

6. The President invited expressions of interest from members in attending the musical Jekyll and Hyde at the Pavilion Theatre on Thursday 14 March at 8pm price €20. The President circulated a sign up sheet.

John Ryan

Hon. Secretary