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Charities: Accountability and Transparency by Patrick Hopkins
Published on 29/01/2018
Main Photo for Secretary Report
Paddy Hopkins, Chairman, Charities Regulatory Authority (4th from left) with Probus members

Paddy Hopkins, Chairman of the Charities Regulatory Authority spoke about the mandate of the recently inaugurated Charities Regulatory Authority. He was appointed Director at the inception of this body in October 2014 and Chairman in 2015.

If you are enticed to make a charitable donation, or to bequeath a legacy, how can you be assured that the recipient of your generosity is a legitimate charity that complies with the law?

If you place old clothes in a plastic bag that has been left at your home for subsequent collection how do you know if your garments are being collected by a bona fide charity that alleviates poverty or by a commercial broker, with the capacity to earn up to