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Probus Dún Laoghaire Marine celebrates Silver Jubilee
Published on 24/09/2014

The members of Probus Dún Laoghaire Marine, Dublin commemorated the silver jubilee of the inaugural meeting of the Club – which took place on Monday 20th September 1993 in the aptly named Royal Marine Hotel, a prominent local landmark overlooking Dublin Bay since 1865 after the first railway line in Ireland was extended from the town to Wexford and the Harbour was completed, following 42 years of construction.

The meeting convened at the instigation of the late Canon Robin Armstrong, Rector of Christ Church in the town and President of Dún Laoghaire Rotary, . Four of the founding members continue to be active members of the Club, including the first President, former Garda Chief Superintendent Bill Herlihy.

The inaugural meeting was convened was attended by a number of prospective members who had a career at sea or a passion for sailing. Both the meeting venue and these factors inspired the name chosen for the new Club. When Bill reflected on the progress of the Club in 25 years, he emphasised the vitality and friendship that grew from the fraternal relationship between Probus Dún Laoghaire Marine and Probus Antrim – the genesis of which goes back to the mid 1990’s..

The commemoration was celebrated with a spirited talk by a founding member, Don Mooney (95), great-grandson of John Mooney one of the partners in the fabled Dublin bakery of Johnston Mooney & O’Brien who pioneered the sliced pan. Don regaled and thrilled the members with tales of his undergraduate days in the Engineering School of Trinity College in the late 1930's; his service and exploits with the Royal Engineers throughout World War II and his subsequent career with Guinness from 1948 until he retired over 40 years ago.

The commemorated concluded with lunch.